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6 tips to combat dry skin

Does your skin feel tight, rough, itchy and flaky? if so, you might be also be experiencing dry skin.

My whole life I believed I had oily skin, so of course I used skincare products to manage oily skin. Imagine my surprise when Saska, a skin care thearpist from Mellacare evaluated my skin and found it to be very dry underneath the shin that I now know is just product build up! So here I am in conjunction with Mellacare to give you some tips on how to manage your skin if you too have dry skin.

Here goes...

  1. If you had oily skin or acne prone skin in the past and you are still using the same skincare products, but your skin condition have changed, this could be contributing to your dry skin and might be a sign to switch up your products.

  2. Avoid skincare products that include synthetic conservatives, these can dehydrate your skin.

  3. Use organic skincare products as much as possible to avoid clogging your pores

  4. Use Hydrations masks on a weekly basis.

  5. If you have combination skin (oily T-zone but dry cheeks), try using cleansing milks (you could try products from ‘ A Natural Difference’ or a ‘Novel beauty’.

  6. Face and body butters, like shea butter, capuacua, mango, avocado, cacao butter and many more, contain natural oils that slow down sign of aging and prevent your skin from losing too much fluid.

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