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The Story

The inspiration to start Colour Uncoded came in August 2018; as I rushed off the train on the way to work looking for a pair of skin tone tights - this should have been an easy find, in the second largest city in the UK. However, the reality was that this turned into a laborious task, going store to store.


When I finally asked a shop assistant in the 3rd store where all of the other skin toned tights were, she said 5 words that will stick with me forever,“we don’t have those colours”. It was that moment that inspired me to create Colour Uncoded. 

As the founder of Colour Uncoded, I wanted to use my experiences to create a  platform that would make shopping easier for women of colour, by bringing the products to you and cutting out the searching time.


I have scoured the internet looking for retailers who offer something that I think will make your life just that little bit easier. So take a look through the Melanin Market for places to shop online that celebrate you! and if you still looking for more after that you can visit our Education is Power section to read more about Black history, equality, and black health!




Katrina Namutulo

CEO & Founder of Colour Uncoded

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