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Colour Uncoded's audience is steadily increasing by 2% each week. Currently, the Colour Uncoded Instagram and LinkedIn pages hold around 600 impressions on each post, a statistic that is growing every day (measured in November 2020). 

Alot of the Colour Uncoded Audience is based in Europe, specifically in the UK and Netherlands, but we do also get love from US and occasionally some African and Caribbean countries, depending on the day and the post!

If we deep dive into our audeinces demographics, you will see majority of our audience are females aged between 25-30.

 Contact us for promotional and collaboration possibilities developed uniquely for your brand.


Social Media: Instagram  & LinkedIn 

Are you a retail business that produces products in different shades of brown, African print or just for the Black culture? if so Join the Colour Uncoded membership scheme and we will promote your business.

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