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About MellaCare & the Eskinacademy

MellaCare, launched in 2009 by founder Saskia Pinas, a certified beautician and medical skin therapist, is a facial and body treatment business. MellaCare concentrates on cosmetic and medical treatments for melanin-rich skin, with a focus on:

  • Skin problems in the people of colour

  • The best way to maintain healthy skin

  • Recognising different skin diseases

  • Providing practical skin management tips

  • The which products are right for your skin

  • Diet and how it can impact your skin


MellaCare offers services to all people of colour and has a  webstore offering a wide range of beauty products.


Are you a beauty professional that wants to accelerate their skills?


Founder, Saskia also launched the eSkinacademy in 2020. The eSkinacademy offers online courses and workshops aimed at training to beauty professionals to:

  • Recognise and treat skin diseases in people of colour

  • Identity the skin difference between ethnic groups


Colour Uncoded visitors can earn a free consultation from the eSkinAcademy and from MellaCare, contact us for your appointments!


Saskia Pinas


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