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About Labyrinth

Bar Labyrinth is a home to the art of mixology — you’ll find it in the African-Caribbean soul food, the music, the cultivation of spoken word and poetry and most certainly in the cocktails. Labyrinth is initiated and hosted by Sam Kingue Ebelle. Born in Cameroon, having worked in some of the best bars worldwide, Sam is one of Amsterdam’s most gifted mixologists. This poet-turned-alchemist is responsible for cocktails that elevate the senses as well as the spirit. Inspired by the warmth of Mother Africa and the vibrancy of Afropolis, Bar Labyrinth prides itself to be based in the green heart of Amsterdam very close to the Vondelpark.

The aim of the labyrinth is to bring people of different cultural backgrounds together and to celebrate and connect through words, drinks and food. Labyrinth also fills a gap in the hospitality sector for African inspired cuisine and provides a space where people feel welcome to share soul food, have access to high quality drinks, and where they can express their emotions and feelings through the art of poetry and spoken word.


Fun fact: The owners named it Labyrinth, because when we arrive at the core of a Labyrinth we are all one. 


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