African Bookstore

The victors wrote history, a sentiment we have heard time and time again...but this online bookstore is doing a great job in ensuring we understand the true facts of our African and African-American history.


The Black Archives

A historical archive with a collection of over 3,000 books on black history, colonisation, feminism. Also hosting various events and exhibitions.


KitsCH Noir

Bringing diversity to cards like never before, KitsCH Noir create cards for all occasions where the black British culture is centre stage. I never knew I was missed seeing black faces on cards until I saw these ones!


Books by Ani

Looking to increase diversity within the books your kids read? subscribe to Books by Ani, their books are both personalised and showcase characters that reflect our society. 

Learn more about Books by Ani



A gift store with inclusive products, books for children with diverse images, and books for adults in Dutch, English, and Spanish. Also includes a baby clothing section and various gifts.