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Water & Brood Review

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

I booked a table at Water & Brood one day in advance, which I was very pleased with as it was a last minute decision to organise a brunch. When I got there I was welcomed by the sister in the kitchen whipping up a treat and the owner, a very friendly guy, who upon hearing it was my birthday asked one of his bartenders to make me a complimentary birthday cocktail. To my amazement, he brought over two drinks, one for me and one for my guest - It was a summery Martini cocktail that really created that birthday feeling.

I was initially sat outside, but as the weather turned and more of my guests arrived, I asked if it was possible to move my party of six inside. Once inside this cosy little venue you are surrounded by greenery, pictures of different animated characters on the wall, fine smells from the kitchen and the sound of chilled out Urban music playing in the background. This place has a really friendly homely vibe. I had my two nephews with me (aged 3 & 5), who love to use their outside voices inside and that was not a problem at all! So I would definitely say they are family friendly.

Moving onto the food, the options were many, the portions were large and the food was delicious. I had the butter fried chicken with eggs and waffles, served with a side of syrup. The chicken was nicely seasoned and not overly oily and the eggs were scrambled to perfection.

To top off the entire celebration, at the point of leaving the owner brought out a stack of blueberry pancakes, coated with cream cheese with 4 candles and started to singing happy birthday…amazing!

I truly enjoyed the food, the experience and the homely vibe – I would definitely recommend trying this place out for brunch, lunch or for dinner.

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