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Labyrinth, Drinks Review

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

When walking into Labyrinth I was immediately mesmerised by the abundance of beautiful black ladies sitting inside! The venue is nicely done with beautiful African art work on the walls, plants and cute little coves to sit in and read or just to get all boo’d up!

The bar is the main focus and is fully stocked, which really makes sense when you see how many cocktail options there are. Upon being seated, we were immediately provided with a glass of water, which would later continue to be filled up as the volume dipped. The bar staff didn’t immediately rush on your drinks order, like a lot of bars in Amsterdam do, but just allowed you the time to review all of their options (and there are many) before approaching.

The menu offers soft drinks, hot drinks and Rum, Gin and Whiske cocktails.

When it came to ordering the waitress kindly offered her support with picking a drink. As I have a sweet tooth, I went for the “Wild Nights”, which was sweet with a Ginger kick in the back, just the way mama likes it! In terms presentation, the drink was served in a long flute that just made me feel fancy. As it was ‘Thirsty Thursday’, I couldn’t stop at one drink, so I also had another, the “Love Lock”, which was served in the most amazing glass! That really channelled my inner child and made me think of Aladdin and flying carpets! The drink had a floral and sweet taste - it’s hard to know which I enjoyed more, the glass or the drink!

Each cocktail costs around €11 which I think I was fair given the tastiness and the originally of each cocktail, #NoCosmos! I will definitely be back again and next time I will be sampling the treats on their menu!

P.S. you should book in advance and don’t worry about bringing your hand sanitizer, they provide it at the door.

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