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It's about time someone created ballet pumps for our beautiful dark skinned ballerina's.

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Well, we have the scoop! Gaynor Minden and Bloch have come to the rescue!

Gaynor Minden offers a 3 varieties of ballet pumps with colours ranging from Cappuccino all the way to Mocha. Prices are a bit steep with the average pair costing €134.95 and word on the street is that delivery (albeit worldwide) can be anywhere between next day and 42 days, but Gaynor, we salute you for giving our young beauties options!

Now for my sisters looking to stunt without breaking the bank, Block might be for you. They offer 2 dark skin toned pumps, Coffee and Coco (yum) for a small fee of $20, all available within a maximum of 6 working days, which is great if you are lady like me!

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