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About Books by Ani


Books by Ani is an online children books store with a mission to deliver a variety of role models for every child. The store is led by two mothers who believe that varied stories given to a child from an early age will make a significant impact into the way the next generation treats themselves and each other.


“We started Books By Ani because we saw with our children what happens when they don’t see themselves in the stories they read. My daughter who is 4 used to get upset and pull her hair to try and make it straight because she believed that she could only be a princess if she had straight hair. It broke my heart. Anne had similar experiences with her daughter and we wanted to do something about it, so we started talking to our friends and reading studies.” - Linzi, founder of Books by Ani


With this initiative, Books by Ani want to create a world for children where it is normal in the books they read to see a Black boy as the Prince, a Muslim girl as a firefighter, or a same sex family going on vacation.


Currently they offer one-off gift boxes and monthly boxes for children aged 0-7. They plan on launching books for children aged between 8-11 years old soon and also start offering new products on their website. In addition to selling to families, Books by Ani also offers book boxes to schools and organizations to further increase diversity in everyday life.

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